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 [GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!]

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[GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!] Empty
PostSubject: [GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!]   [GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!] Icon_minitimeDecember 28th 2011, 4:15 pm


[GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!] Tumblr_m239kwWH3X1qbe5xao3_1280

Hobbies: Painting, Sketching, Guitar, Singing, Cooking, Writing
Likes: Books, bubbletea, pho noodles, journals, bulgogi, dramas, shojo manga, bike rides, late night conversations
Dislikes: Spiders, heights, pickles

[GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!] Tumblr_m239kwWH3X1qbe5xao1_1280
[GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!] Tumblr_m2pebaLyBn1qbe5xao1_500
[GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!] Tumblr_m249t3dzMJ1qbe5xao1_500[GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!] Tumblr_m3brwg3vOm1qbe5xao1_500

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[GIRL]Internet Cafe Ulzzang Myka [New pics!]
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