Welcome to Internet Cafe` Ulzzang! We are a friendly forum full of good treats! Our forum is based on Ulzzangs.(Uhl-Jjang: Slang word originated from South Korea meaning best face) We have contests, prizes, beauty & fashion tips, shop(coming soon!), chatbox, and so much more! So, think your ulzzang ready? Join today!

Internet Cafe` Ulzzang, your home for everything ulzzang.

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June 17, 2013: The ICU administrators are asking you guys whether you want the forum to continue
without active administrators and moderators, or if there should be a contest held for one new
administrator andone new moderator. [Read More]

Not required, but appreciated if you do the following

- Introduce yourself to the forum
- Contribute to the forum ( Meaning: Do a lot of interaction on the forum, please )
- Share ideas!
- Support

Try to Avoid the Following

- Getting off topic ( Try to avoid it, but if you can't, take it to the Spam section )
- Starting a fight ( If you want to fight somebody, please take it to the Rant thread )
- Advertising ( Unless nessesary ie. Asked )
- Making your signature big enough to stretch the page

We DO NOT Tolerate the Following

- Do not have more then one account! If we find you have more than one account, you'll get a warn, ban, or get suspended.
- RACISM: Racism is a BIG deal, and let me tell you that Ulzzangs are NOT only for asians. The word just orginated from asia but that does not mean other races outside of asians can't particapate! So please, DO NOT BE RACIST.
- A Faker/Fake
- Pretending to be someone your not ( ie. Administator, Moderator, etc )

Questions or Comments About the Rules and FAQ?

If you have a question or a comment based on the
Rules, FAQ, submit it here.
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